Writing From Depth and Mystery

Date: Saturday 9 March

Time: 2.00pm to 4.30pm

Workshop title:  Writing from Depth and Mystery

Presented by: Maya Ward


Reading can be a powerful experience. It can change, deepen, and help us to greater clarity, compassion and insight. Writing like this comes from a writer willing to be changed, a writer who knows to surrender to the unknown, the mysterious, the vast emptiness within. This workshop explores how to cultivate a writing practice of depth, and produce writing that can heal, open and transform both yourself and your readers. Inspired by Buddhism and the poetic traditions, we will explore techniques and processes that can open us to inspiration.

Bring cushion, pencil, paper or journal.

Suitable for: Interesting times need interesting writing. Maya seeks writers at all stages who aim to deepen their practice and learn to tell deep, difficult and exquisites truths. You do not need to have read Maya’s book.

Cost: $25

Venue: Upper Yarra Arts Centre


Bookings can be made online via Upper Yarra Arts Centre – see links below

Book individual workshops

Book packages


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