Transformational Writing

Date: Sunday 10 March 

Time: 2.00pm to 4.30pm

Workshop title:  Transformational Writing 

Presented by: Keith Simons


Exploring various ways to bring forth inspired and transformational writing and story telling. An interactive workshop using meditation, active imagination, Hocokah (sacred talking circle), to tap into and express trans-dimensionally. Story telling is a way to liberate the inner stories that can transform consciousness.

We have so much to share that the planet urgently needs now, but how do we unlock the inner capacity that allows ensouling language to flow forth. My intention is to co-create a regular ‘charged’ yet safe environment where all can transform together: where we can be inspired as Andrew Harvey’s latest book encourages, can light the fires of ‘radical passion.’

I feel deeply that we need a new type of universal language: a language that transcends surface differences and speaks to the heart of all beings. We need evolutional pioneers in the quest to experiment, share and inspire each other to discover the new inner voice. We need to create a new, unique culture, a new paradigm, a new collective sanity, and the ‘word’ as ensouled language is a vital part of this inner revolution. To change our world we must change ourselves and how we think, speak and write reflects our collective transforming stories and journeys.

Suitable for: All – no experience necessary

Cost: $25

Venue: Upper Yarra Arts Centre


Bookings can be made online via Upper Yarra Arts Centre – see links below

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