The Rhythm of Writing

Date: Saturday 9 March

Time: 10.30am to 1pm

Workshop title:  The Rhythm of Writing

Presented by: Murray Goodchild


Participants in ‘The Rhythm of Writing’ will explore the relevance of musical themes in their own writing including rhythm, spaces, the in and the out breath and efficiency of phrasing for maximum impact. Song and dance invite the participant’s immersion in an experience, supporting reading and writing as a whole body experience. Explore what it means to write from the body to the body, and develop an ability to engage all of your readers senses, not just the mind.

Experiences – participants will:

– Practice engaging the breath to connect with the stories of the body.

– Employ the breath as a way to inform effective phrasing in the same way a trumpet player uses the limitations of breath to create a balance between sound and silence.

– Learn the songwriting/ poets technique of using minimal words for maximum impact .

– Experience meditation techniques to gain insight.

– Explore the language of the body

– Practise verbal story telling with awareness of rhythm, breath and body.

Benefits – participants will:

– Learn to access the body’s stories and to transform them gaining access to a wealth of rich, meaningful material.

–  Learn keys to engage the reader at a bodily, feeling level.

– Learn to enhance simplicity and potency in writing.

Suitable for: All, do not need to sing or have song writing experience to attend. A willingness to engage in physical practices, partner and small group participation, and verbal presentation to small group. Bring a pad and pencils.

Cost: $25

Venue: Upper Yarra Arts Centre


Bookings can be made online via Upper Yarra Arts Centre – see links below

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