The Elements of Storytelling

Date: Sunday 10 March

Time: 10.30am to 1pm

Workshop title:  The Elements of Storytelling

Presented by: Simon Oats


Drawing on the craft of oral storytelling we will explore structural and dynamic tools and techniques that can be applied to a range of different mediums to maximize audience engagement and emotional impact. The tools and techniques will be of great benefit for writing fiction and non-fiction, script-writing, public speaking, song writing and film making.

The tools/techniques will include:

– Identifying and amplifying polarities within a story to enhance tension and resolution.

– Exploring the musical quality of language to enhance rhythm, evocation of sensual imagery and poetics.

– Identifying and enhancing ‘Thresholds’ (significant turning points or climaxes) within a story.

Bring a short traditional tale to work with.

Bring a cushion, pencils, journal, clothing you can move easily in and water bottle.

Suitable for: All

Cost: $25

Venue: Upper Yarra Arts Centre


Bookings can be made online via Upper Yarra Arts Centre – see links below

Book individual workshops

Book packages


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