Murray Goodchild

The Rhythm of Writing

murray preferred headshotMurray Goodchild is a singer/songwriter, workshop facilitator and a therapist of Chinese Medicine. He believes the power of author-ity lies in the hands of the author and therefore that it is crucial to take back the authorship of our stories.
A life-changing crisis a year and a half ago had him clinging to his craft of song and story as a way to bring expression, meaning and ultimately growth to what was potentially a devastating series of events. As a result, he believes creative expression is not a luxury but a necessity.
Murray runs Body-based story telling workshops, builds instruments and is in the process of recording his second album of original songs. He also practices acupuncture at Yarra Valley Community Acupuncture Clinic and is one of it’s co-founders.

See Murray’s website  T: 0405 455 744  E:


Bookings can be made online via Upper Yarra Arts Centre – see links below

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