Note from Organisers

Lindy Schneider

The idea for a Transforming Writers festival was borne out of a need I felt as a writer to create community with other writers who used words to raise consciousness.

All writing carries meaning, but I particularly wanted to explore and encourage writing that actively sought to create or inspire change. This wasn’t about more biographies or more memoirs, or about expanding the self-help genre, but touched on an area of writing that many of us felt authentic within, but lacked a defining name for.

Transforming Writers touches on a theme in writing that supports personal and social change. It embraces the spiritual, the cultural and the environmental, and intends to bring a voice and a platform for writers who seek to inspire others and stand for what they believe in. Transforming Writers touches on both the way writing is able to transform us as people, and on the power of our words to transform others.

I am deeply grateful for the work of Andrew Harvey, whose passionate insistence that we work on our heartbreak has inspired me to sacred action, and Stephen Harrod Buhner, whose book Ensouling Language has given me the encouragement to ‘inhabit my words’.

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Keith Simons

The Transforming Writers’ event/program has birthed from my love for writing that facilitates shifts in consciousness and inspires. Following co-organising the fourth Warburton Harmony Festival 2012, a five day cultural, art and Interfaith celebration, I wanted to do something more focused on my personal love of transformative writing.

This was a way to follow my passion.

In recent years I have been powerfully inspired and mentored by a number of very special writers. This has helped to lead me to the idea of creating an ongoing series of events that will encourage local writers to offer workshops and/or talks revolving around keynote people of global significance.

I wish to give thanks to Lewis Mehl-Madrona, Dalai Lama, Andrew Harvey, Frederick Marx, Deepak Chopra, Marion Woodman, Stephen Buhner and Eckhart Tolle (to name a few) who have helped to clear a path for my own creativity. The Transforming Writers idea is a way to not only showcase people like Lewis and Andrew who have so much to share that the planet urgently needs now, but also to encourage others to discover that inner capacity that allows ensouling language to flow forth.

My intention is to co-create a regular ‘charged’ environment where all can transform as a caring, co-operative community: where we all can be inspired or as Andrew Harvey’s latest book encourages, we can light the fires of ‘radical passion.’

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